Walk around freely.

Once, I saw a girl, unstitching the stars from the sky so they'd tumble down on the ground, falling on her feet. Once, I saw a boy, painting the sun in green and the grass in red. He wanted to invert the colours the world was made of. Once, I saw a lady kissing every... Continue Reading →

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Paper cranes

Every once in a while I sit at my terrace And carve out our good parts And fold them into little paper cranes One thousand for a wish Or just enough to count And hold them together by strings. The largest Breaks away from the group Lifts his paper wings In a soft farewell And... Continue Reading →

Your mother always said That there were two sides To everything You live the other side of love. Pain. You're running. Stop. Turn. There are no fire exits that way Or this way. You're trapped here. You cannot conquer guilt; Stop building castles around it Words can't beautify death. Love is the fire engulfing your... Continue Reading →

My depression

Last evening I was walking past the old bookstore. It's said that someone had barged into it Killed the owner and his family that lived in the upstairs apartment, Burnt down all the books, all the shelves The tattered pages, The lost letters The broken corners All of them were ignited And the smoke had... Continue Reading →

I’m losing count of everything

Trigger warning: Abuse 1. My mother left me When I was as tall As my contorted grand ma's knee. No one knew why And no one cared to find out. I later found sadness, Stacked one upon another In her closet. Maybe she left those stacks Not me either way They say she left for... Continue Reading →

Of burning desire and love

I am looking at the candle Just inches From my mouth And am staring At it's flickering flame And I think That maybe Our love Was born in flames The one that was ignited The moment my eyes Fell on you And yours On me And then was a born A fire That was for... Continue Reading →

On love

Somewhere In the midst of a foggy street In the murky darkness of night A headlight shines A horn blazes Honk, honk, honk You let the light Seize the glory Foggy paths in the midst of darkness Sad voiced winds Already moaning Crickets chirping Words lost In the search of lost routes Gilded silence The... Continue Reading →


// There are many ways to remember places My mother would tell me The crowded streets of Paris Choking with people and emotions The solemn vows of faith Burning the cathedral of Rome The parting and reminiscent notes of lovers Adorning the walls of every monument The handful of hurt Trailing your shadow at every... Continue Reading →

Too broken/too depressed

It's sometimes strange When people ask me Gaping, With a tinge of bewildered horror 'How did you start writing?' Or 'Why do you write such things?' And the syllable of 'such' Spoken with such nonchalance And veiled disgust As if it's a disease. A disease that would eat me If I didn't stop vomiting these... Continue Reading →

One some days, when you walk through the door of my memories, I don't question the song playing in my head on loop or the ghost of your existence that is the unremitting companion of my heart or the drops of pain or sadness that feel like dew on my lips. I let you walk... Continue Reading →

I want you to remember me. If you remember,I don't care if everyone else forgets. -Haruki Murakami, Kafka on the shore

Lifetimes to remember

I've to stop writing about you It's been days Since I stopped counting But I think I stopped counting on the 784th hour Of our separation And it's been another eternity Since then. I've stopped smelling of alcohol Or booze Or cigarettes But now the person in me Smells Of everything our love did Abandonment,in... Continue Reading →

Women like (you,us)

Of all the stars I've wished upon Not one of them has granted me my wish Of all the nights I stood upon the threshold Of my courage and patience And swore under the cascading moonlight, Not once did I walk back the same. I shouted and screamed at the stars above And wished and... Continue Reading →

I once found a boy who drew poetry with his skin. I haven't seen him in a while, if you find him somewhere, talking to stars or maybe watching the shore, please tell him that my hands are waiting to be etched with metaphors.

Of Christmas

As I pass by these shops I see lovely Christmas trees Dressed in tinsel and twinkly light From their bottom to their tops, Spreading their glow with the breeze To light up the Christmas in their street. I see a man in mid-fifties Rags on his body And eyes full of agonies I see him... Continue Reading →


'how long does forever last?' Maybe long enough to make you feel things and remember them in the depth of your hearts. Maybe long enough for you and me,but not long enough for the world to see. Forever is, A moment of love where you find everything you've been looking for your whole life. A... Continue Reading →

Just a thought

For someone who knows nothing about you, you're difficult to love. And for someone who knows everything,maybe way more difficult. Ignorance is a bliss after all.


A haze of memories Hover over me Whenever I try To plunge in the depth Of my mind. This world had changed The people around Have shed their skin For a new one But the moon still shines However In a starless sky Maybe every true soul That ever dared to exist In this world... Continue Reading →

The moon.

Wanna hear a secret about the moon? She forgot to shine in front of the sun and ever since they parted,she never learnt to shine again. Now all that's left of her is maybe some craters that won't fill, an atmosphere where you can find nothing that speaks of being and a shine that she... Continue Reading →

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