Walk around freely.

Once, I saw a girl, unstitching the stars from the sky so they’d tumble down on the ground, falling on her feet.

Once, I saw a boy, painting the sun in green and the grass in red. He wanted to invert the colours the world was made of.

Once, I saw a lady kissing every child that came to cross her path. Some parents would shoo her away while some showed her enough love to keep going.

Once, I saw a girl naming a little dream of her’s ‘The tumbling stars’ hoping to find more and more people she could connect her words to.

Once, I saw humanity, livin’ the way they wanted to, loving the way they wanted to and breathing the way the wanted to.


Hop on. This train will take you through different channels and stations. Some will be beautiful, some will make you cringe. You’ll fall for some, some will be the target of your hatred. Some will take you through steep slopes, bruising your soul, whereas some will drown you in their warmth, healing you. But don’t give up yet, there’s so much left to see.

So, here’s the train to my thoughts, emotions and to the things I observe around me, knitting them bit by bit into words I struggle to arrange eloquently.

Thanks for joining me!


Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


13 thoughts on “Walk around freely.

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  1. Love the train journey. You have a typo in ‘breathing the way the’. Please let me know about any typos, inevitably in my posts, also. Enjoyed the read. Thanks.

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      1. Oh its my pleasure, I am working on a new book, trying to make it work out to be something, I am looking forward to reading more of you work too. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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