Lifetimes to remember

I’ve to stop writing about you
It’s been days
Since I stopped counting
But I think I stopped counting
on the 784th hour
Of our separation
And it’s been another eternity
Since then.
I’ve stopped smelling of alcohol
Or booze
Or cigarettes
But now the person in me
Of everything our love did
Abandonment,in addition.
It’s weird
How time passes
And we live with a person
Our lifetime over and over
Yet it never suffices
And once we stop
We endure
In the same way
Several lifetimes,
All at once.

4 thoughts on “Lifetimes to remember

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  1. Would that my life was written by you pen ,Embellished with your metaphors. Would that the skies here had the tumbling stars! It would have been amazing then. Keep posting untill the sun is cold !!!

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