One some days, when you walk through the door of my memories, I don’t question the song playing in my head on loop or the ghost of your existence that is the unremitting companion of my heart or the drops of pain or sadness that feel like dew on my lips. I let you walk through the door whose key I never had and I let you walk into my existence. You see, all those times I tried to keep you safe in that part of my heart, it was never without a cost. Your memories were the graves, on which I stood, almost always, waiting for the time to pass and for me to find a hallow near them for a sweet sleep.
On those days, I close my eyes and my heart fills, threatening to overflow through my eyes. Those drops, upon opening, accumulate in my eyes. But they never flow. You see, if they were to flow, I’d find relief. And relief is something I’ve been inching away from since forever. So, when these drops don’t flow, I feel closer to you. Uncannily so. It’s strange how every breath thus taken smells of you and every gust of wind that flows through my honey coloured hair feels like your hands waltzing through them and how every part of my body burns for your touch.
But then, as if on cue, you walk back in, leaving me with the stench of your hands on my body and the song in my head on loop.

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  1. It’s strange sometimes , how life’s like a storm of water , sailing on the desert ground .
    Fighting against the big , persevering in the scorching display of the Sun , to reach its intent .
    But , only to seep into the sands and fly away to their gone peers.
    Watching itself getting robbed drop by drop , losing the sight of the seas and at the same time taking it inch by inch. And
    all that’s left by time is its dusk on the sand. They “Loved the sea,
    Lived the sands….” But time brings their heart from the heat , might be after a thousand years , and they fall to their fullest on their tender fondness when it rains!! Coz even when they ” Lived the sands, they breathed for the seas.”

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