Of burning desire and love

I am looking at the candle
Just inches
From my mouth
And am staring
At it’s flickering flame
And I think
That maybe
Our love
Was born in flames
The one that was ignited
The moment my eyes
Fell on you
And yours
On me
And then was a born
A fire
That was for us
To play with.
And our fire of love
Was so fierce
That our bodies
And souls
Failed to compile
To it’s terms
And we committed
To it’s strength
And it’s burns.
And then our worlds
Blended with it
With a vehemence
That they turned black
And our fingers
Slender brown fingers
Creeped towards each other
In an almost numb
Paroxysm of want.
And then
When the fire was too much
For us to take it anymore
Than we already did
Parts of our being started burning.
But we held onto the flames
Aghast that our souls
Might separate
But the flames
Those vicious, deleterious, taunting flames
They kept running after us
Until we shed everything we were made of
And until we lost to them
And then our bodies
Enjoined then,were separated
Just like our souls
And our time became abridged
As this poem
Almost lost.

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