Remember you

The night sky has so many secrets to offer
That sometimes all I do is
Sit under it
And look at the stars
Aligning together to tell so many stories,
The wind moans in my ears
And offers me secrets
It kisses my tear stained face
And mouths incomplete answers to my pain.
The street lamps glitter like anxious fireflies
And fairy lights glimmering in the far away windows of houses
Look at me like dreaming poets.

It’s under these night skies
That I remember you the most
And feel your presence closest to me
It’s under these night skies,
When lovers kiss under the moonlight
That I find love living comfortably
Between their tongues.

It’s under these night skies
That the stars mourn our love the most
And the wind refuses to blow away my pain.

It’s under these nights skies
That syllables catch fire in my pocket
And I fail to stop them stop them
So I let my fingertips grip ink slicks
That smear into poetry in your remembrance and our love.
I make up metaphors for broken promises and people,
And adorn them with similies,
But do you know that I fail to write anything
Without choking a little on hurt
And a whole more on unexpressed feelings
That remain deep in heart
Waiting for you to somehow call to them
By remembering me?

It’s under these night skies
That your shadow sits with me
And renders my pain
A new reason to live.

It’s under these night skies
In the moments waiting to exist
That I remember you the most,
Tell me,
Do you remember me too
Or am I just another moment,
That has lost it’s existence for you?

2 thoughts on “Remember you

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  1. Yeah, I miss her with every breath that oozes off my lungs . When I ‘m broken, with my head buried in the mud , I hear her say”get up ‘nd go away “. I argue with myself if she is a šŸŒŸ , I see cute little girls ,hoarding the craziest stuff ‘nd scribbling fav cartoon characters , wondering if they would grow up being her. Undying , unending , amaranthine ~yeah that kind of love .


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