You, cologne and a thousand stars

At 3:45 I sit across from you As you fill the gap between us With your deep breaths I inch myself away And wonder about those eyes That had looked upon That little kid of three Crying hysterically on streets And had given him comfort And held him for long enough to make him smile... Continue Reading →

A story of love in the reign of hatred.

Back in the summer of 1947 There lay a pair of body Enveloped in cacophony of love And happiness and crescendo of music With cinnamon rolls by their side They lay in vincinity of smoke And dust and some more writhing bodies All in pain Their story began in the winters of 1945 When a... Continue Reading →

Of Christmas

As I pass by these shops I see lovely Christmas trees Dressed in tinsel and twinkly light From their bottom to their tops, Spreading their glow with the breeze To light up the Christmas in their street. I see a man in mid-fifties Rags on his body And eyes full of agonies I see him... Continue Reading →


'how long does forever last?' Maybe long enough to make you feel things and remember them in the depth of your hearts. Maybe long enough for you and me,but not long enough for the world to see. Forever is, A moment of love where you find everything you've been looking for your whole life. A... Continue Reading →

Just a thought

For someone who knows nothing about you, you're difficult to love. And for someone who knows everything,maybe way more difficult. Ignorance is a bliss after all.


A haze of memories Hover over me Whenever I try To plunge in the depth Of my mind. This world had changed The people around Have shed their skin For a new one But the moon still shines However In a starless sky Maybe every true soul That ever dared to exist In this world... Continue Reading →

The moon.

Wanna hear a secret about the moon? She forgot to shine in front of the sun and ever since they parted,she never learnt to shine again. Now all that's left of her is maybe some craters that won't fill, an atmosphere where you can find nothing that speaks of being and a shine that she... Continue Reading →

Guilty fingers

These guilty fingers That hold the pen to write Their heart out Are the one's Who had traced my back Like the waves of an ocean Fierce yet passionate They were the answer To my words They were the movements That had me speak Only in noises From sweet sweet pain They are the fingers... Continue Reading →

At your steps

Clap-clap-clap Pause. Your eyes meet mine And in that instant I burn all the bridges That lead me away from you As you swirl me around In an effortless maneuver. Front-back-front Hold. I feel the warmth of your touch As the world around me Listens to the orchestra Of our hearts. You hold me with... Continue Reading →

Of last meetings and memories

The last time we meet I'll speak in pictures Of the day we first held hands And how your greasy fingers Interwoven in mine Were enough to create memories That would forever linger. Of the day when we first walked Across the street at midnight Enveloping ourselves in your coat You put your head on... Continue Reading →


My eyes They've stopped focusing On near or far off things They only do that When I put a lot of strain On them. My legs They take me To unknown places And I've stopped questioning them About their decision Of touring me Through this city. My hands They move in Befuddled movements And lift... Continue Reading →

You. I. Us.

"I think there are certain feelings associated with certain people," Maya says. She's facing the window and the moonlight, falling on her bare skin,is illuminating it like silver dust. Her honey coloured hair flows giving her a divine appearance. Her knee length floral skirt and the tank top give her an appearance that makes it... Continue Reading →

The lamppost

'that lamp post In front of our house You see, Dates back to almost half a century People have certain belief Attached to its existence. It is partially rusted But no one does anything to repair it. Because They say Every bit Of it's existence Symbolises Love.' I look at my mother With eyes Full... Continue Reading →


Ikigai (Japanese) : the source of value in one's life or the things that make one's life worthwhile Standing in the middle Of this unknown street I can see Whiffs of smoke Rising from the chimneys Of these old fashioned houses That are lined up On the left and right Of this street Like the... Continue Reading →


Saudade (Portuguese): melancholic longing or yearning You. And your Misty breath Your bear shampoo And your body Smelling of beer Cinnamon cakes And a little sweat Your fingers As they brushed my knee And instilled in me A dizziness That made me quirk. And your eyes The light ocean blue eyes That made me wanna... Continue Reading →


I see how calm You look When you're asleep All possible words Emotions and ideas Resting peacefully In that little corner Of your mind. Sometimes, All I want to do Is gaze at you And graze my fingers Down your spine All the while, Wishing That you'd Never wake up.


When I'm with you I feel I'm at home. You see, The four walls that surrounded me At home The walls i grew up scribbling at And the walls I'd scream at Whenever something went wrong The walls i'd taint With my paint brushes Tears, coffee stains Or sometimes With Scratches and bruises The same... Continue Reading →

Of cliches and betrayal

Yesterday I was rereading our favourite book. You remember it, Don't you? The one with all the cliches And where the two suicidal humans With suicidal and Gloomy ideations, Save each other With all the engine exhaust and crickets And wrists resembling lines on a cardiogram And moonlight lovers. After completing it I threw it... Continue Reading →


I think the season is changing. The gust of wind on my face Feels colder than The one that blew A month before These leaves Abandoning the trees Feel crispier Than the one's from few weeks before The morning sun Isn't as warm As it had been Just few days ago. The coffee in our... Continue Reading →

Of stars and burns

Eight years back We were in my balcony Staring at the starry sky I was pointing out the stars The big Dipper Orion Lyra And then You started pointing randomly At the sky and started naming a few I laughed out loud And you said that you loved their names And the way they sounded... Continue Reading →

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